Bluesky Cook Islands
Bluezones are located throughout Rarotonga and Aitutaki at a variety of places such as our Airport, Cafes, Resorts, Bars and Shops.  Bluezones are also located at all Bluesky outlets in the Outer Islands.

To use a Bluezone Hotspot, you need a wireless internet capable device and simply login using either a Bluezone Prepaid WiFi voucher or by purchasing a Bluezone Wifi voucher using a credit card via the Bluezone Wifi home page.

Simply login to 

Prepaid WiFi vouchers can be purchased by dialling *888# from the Prepaid Mobile menu, by using MyBluesky App or from any of our e-Charge Resellers  - just look for our logo >>>

If you are a Bluesky Internet customer, you can login to a Bluezone using a wireless internet capable device and your Oyster login details. Enter your and your oyster password.

Click Here to see a List of e-Charge Resellers.

Getting online when and where you want too is easy with Bluezone WiFi. Stay in touch even when you’re out and about!

Bluezone WiFi Hotspot Passes  Price  Data/MB
3-Day Pass (unused data expires 3 days after activation) $5 200MB
Week Pass (unused data expires 7 days after activation) $10 500MB
Fortnight Pass (unused data expires 14 days after activation) $25 1.5GB
Month Pass (unused data expires 30 days after activation) $50 3.0GB


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