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e-Charge (Electronic Services)

Bluesky's e-Charge is an electronic transaction service that provides you with a more convenient way of keeping in touch. e-Charge means we can transfer credit to your phone for each of our services. With our e-Charge you can purchase;

TOP UP - for your Prepaid mobile. This allows you to purchase smaller mobile top-up amounts, as low as $1, and varying amounts such as $7.50, for your convenience.

WiFi USAGE - to enable you to access the internet at any one of our Bluesky WiFi Hotspots

KIA ORANA CALLING - so you can make local, national or international phone calls. You can also use calling credit to take advantage of our international capped calling rates.  

Where do I buy e-Charge products?

Click here for a full list of e-Charge resellers

How does Top Up work?

You can purchase credit for any amount between $1 - $100.
You will then receive a text, within seconds, from Bluesky advising you of your new credit balance and expiry date. You can request a receipt for your Top Up purchase, should you need one.

How does WiFi work?

Similar to Top Up you can purchase your WiFi voucher through our e-Charge.
WiFi denominations are set. Click here to check pricing for Bluesky WiFi.

When you purchase any one of these packages you will receive a printed voucher showing the value of your purchase along with a PIN or Validation code.
Once you've got your Prepaid WiFi voucher and a WiFi capable device head to a Bluesky WiFi Hotspot Zone and simply log on by following these two simple steps.

1. Launch your internet browser and it should automatically go to the WiFi login page. If it doesn't just type in to access the login page.

2. Enter the username and password for your printed voucher.

How does Kia Orana Calling work?

Just like Top Up and WiFi you can purchase Kia Orana Calling through our e-Charge. You can purchase fixed amounts of:

Kia Orana Calling Vouchers

Once you purchase any one of these packages you will receive a printed voucher showing the value of your purchase along with a PIN or Validation code that you enter to access your Calling time.

You can use any fixed phone line, a public telephone booth or your mobile handset by dialling 147 (free call) and following the voice prompts.

Payment options

You can pay by cash/cheque/EFTPOS or credit card at Bluesky. Alternatively, payment options are available at a Bluesky e-Charge reseller.

Additional Information

If you have any other questions relating to e-Charge please contact us here or call us on 123.


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