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Changing your Internet Broadband Plan

To request a change of internet broadband plan request via our contact us form. Once printed either print it off and bring in to one of our Customer Service team or click send and it will be emailed directly to our Customer Service team.

Change Password

Changing your password regularly will help to keep your account safe from misuse. When you choose your new password, use a combination of lower case letters (a to z) and digits (0 to 9). You will need to use between 6 and 9 characters for your new password. The following combinations of lower case letters and digits are examples of three valid passwords:

When deciding on a new password, it's safest not to use any word from the dictionary, or any part of your name, car make or model, date of birth, phone number, license number or anything that anybody could guess by knowing you or by watching your movements. Random collections of numbers and letters are harder to remember, but they are much safer.
Bluesky strongly recommends you change your password regularly, to safeguard against malicious use. For more information contact us or call free on 123.

Broadband Users

Go to the Bluesky Usage site to change your Password for your Broadband Account

Note: Changing the Password on your Broadband Account will require you to configure the new Password onto your modem. See information below.

Bluesky Oyster Mailbox

Change the Password for your Mailbox

SPECIAL NOTICE - Changing the password on your ADSL modem

To change the password on your ADSL modem, please select the manual for your ADSL modem below.
If you are unsure of the model of your modem or it is not listed below, please call 128 for our Internet team.

Thomson ADSL Modem

Click here to view the Thomson manual on how to change your password on your modem
Kasad ADSL Modem

Click here to view the Kasad manual on how to change your password on your modem

Should you need assistance please phone 128 to speak to one of our Internet team between 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.


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