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In order for you to understand our responsibilities to you as a valued customer as well as what we ask of you, we would like you to take a little time to read Our Terms of Business. We have written Our Terms of Business in plain English to make them clear and easy to read and have used “we” for Telecom Cook Islands Ltd and “you” for the customer. Our Terms of Business set out the terms that apply when we provide Directory Listing and Advertising Services to you.
We can provide you with a range of Listing and Advertising Services to help you successfully promote your business. These include:
 • Display typeset or bound insert advertising
 • Special or enhanced listings
 • And any of our other services or products.
We can present information about your business in alphabetical or classified form in a range of sizes and formats. We will need your authority to provide these Advertising Services. Similarly, we also need to agree before we provide them.
We are proud of our directories, the quality of the advertisements and the results they achieve for our advertisers. Sometimes we are asked to reproduce material supplied to us. If we do, the quality of reproduction will always be determined by the quality of the material supplied. Generally a copy is inferior to an original. To avoid any disappointment about the quality of your advertisement, we suggest you obtain a professional quality bromide.
To help you obtain the maximum value from our Listing and Advertising Services we will:
a. Arrange for the Listing and Advertising Services to be provided as we have agreed in the Directory Order Form
b. Supply you with a copy of any display advertisement we are
   providing for you to check.
c. Provide clear explanations of our charges and billing
d. Be courteous and helpful
e. Respond promptly to your enquiries
f. Make it easy for you to do business with us.
So that we can honour our responsibilities to you, you in turn agree to:
a. Supply all information we require as soon as possible and by
   the last date we nominate
b. Advise us within 7 working days from the date we send you a
   copy of the Listing and Advertising Service, whether its
   contents need to be changed to comply with the Directory
   Order Form. If you don’t advise us to the contrary within the 7
   day period, we will assume that we may publish the Advertising
   Service. Corrections must be in writing rather than by
   telephone, so that we can be certain you have them.
You also agree to:
i. Ensure that the information you request us to advertise satisfies
   legal requirements and all relevant Advertising Codes of Practice
ii. Compensate us for any loss either of us suffers, and indemnify
   each of us against any liability either of us incurs, which is
   caused by or results from wither of us providing Advertising
   Services to you, or you not meeting your legal responsibilities
   to either of us or to anyone else.
You must pay our charges for providing Directory Services to you. This is regardless of whether your business has been sold or closed before we provide them. Our charges will be included on your Telecom Cook Islands account in the following billing month after the contract is agreed and signed by you. You must pay our charges by the due date shown on the account. We may also require you to pay for your Directory services in advance, or request a part-payment towards your Directory Order. Failure to pay for these services as required will mean you may miss out on appearing in the publication of the phonebook.
You may cancel any order made with us provide you do so in writing before the directory book closing date stated. If you do not cancel your order we will assume you wish the Advertising Service to be provided as advised. If any time we believe that you do not have the right to request us to publish information that you have provided, we may advise you that we are cancelling all or part of the Advertising Service. We may also do this if we consider that publishing any of the information could detrimentally affect the standing of our directory in the community. Sometimes we may need to cancel all or part of your order if we do not have sufficient customers participating. However, we will always tell you of this. We may stop providing Advertising Services or suspend any service to you at any time if you do not pay our charges or meet your other responsibilities under any agreement you have with us. If we do this, we will tell you.
You may transfer your rights and responsibilities to someone else as long as you first get written approval from that person and us. If there are any outstanding charges when you apply, we may refuse to give our approval until we are satisfied that that person will pay us.
If you think we have not provided an Advertising Service in terms of the Directory Order Form or Our Terms of Business, you must advise us in writing within 3 months of the directory being published. We will do all we can to resolve the dispute as soon as possible after hearing from you. If we find we have not complied with relevant Advertising Order Form or Our Terms of Business, then we will discuss with you the various ways we can resolve the problem. This will include a refund for an amount we think is appropriate. The refund will only be given once for problems relating to a particular Advertising Service and will never exceed the charges for providing it. If after discussing the dispute with you, we consider that we have performed our responsibilities, we will explain in writing why this is so. You will still have to pay any outstanding charges.
We have already set out what liability we will accept if you have a dispute with us. We (our employees etc…) exclude all other liability we may have to you. None of us is liable to you or has to pay you for anything else caused by or resulting from anything any of us does or does not do, or delays in doing, whether or not it is contemplated or authorized by any agreement you have with any of us. The exclusion applies whatever you are claiming for (including loss of profits or business) and however the liability arises or might arise if it were not for this clause.


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