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Maritime Radio
Radio – HF and VHF
Bluesky issue the Radio Certificates and Licences for VHF radio operators.

The process to become a Cook Islands Radio operator requires that you obtain your Restricted Radio Transmission Operators Certificate (RRTOC).  You can achieve this by passing the RRTOC exam with a 70% pass mark.  
Here is a simple break down on what you need to do:
  1. Download the Cook Islands Radio Hand book. This booklet will provide you with all the information you are required to learn to pass your exam.
  2. Once you feel confident that you know the handbook, call 123 and ask to be put through to RADIO to arrange a time for you to come in and set your test.
  3. You will need to pay $20 NZD to sit the test.
  4. Once you complete your test, a member of the RADIO team will evaluate your score. The required pass mark is 70% or over.
  5. On passing the exam you will receive your RRTOC.
Once all of these steps have been completed you are now qualified to apply for a Licence
  1. Your Licence fee is $20 NZD per annum.
  2. You must provide Bluesky with the name of your radio base e.g. your boat name.
  3. We will then issue you with your radio call sign and your license.
 NZD applies to all sections
License Type (per annum)
Aeronautical $20
Broadcast Sound $40
Fixed $20
Public Correspondence Network Satellite $20
Private Correspondence Network Satellite $1,000
Amateur $20
Meteorological $20
Maritime $20
Citizen $20
Land mobile license $20
Miscellaneous $20
Examination $20
General Radiotelephone $20
Restricted Radiotelephone $20
Radiotelegraph operator's special $20
General Amateur $20
Limited Amateur $20
Novice Amateur $20
Technical Surveys Fees
Certificate of compliance (annual fee) $40
Radiotelegraph license $40
Radiotelephone license $40
Small fishing boat license $30
VHF FM Radiotelephone license $30
VHF Land Mobile  
Land mobile license $20
Annual rent of exclusive mobile channel $1,520

THE RADIO REGULATIONS ACT - Click here to download

Cook Islands HF Radio Network


Bluesky maintains a 24/7 Maritime Service for local fishing boats and trading ships on HF and VHF. Suwarrow is yet to be integrated onto Telecoms Domestic Satellite Network. Bluesky currently maintains High-Frequency Simplex Radio communications to this island.

Target Market:

HF Radiotelephone who would like to call Suwarrow. Calls have to be booked by ringing 020, the operator will notify the caller when the call can be made.
HF Radiotelephone is also used as a backup service during satellite network outages.       

Cook Islands VHF Radio Network


A VHF repeater station is located on Tekou which is a mountain peak in Rarotonga. This station provides full-island coverage for the VHF land mobile service and the VHF Maritime Service.

Target Market:

This is suitable for any business that has a number of vehicles that must communicate with each other or with their base station continuously, eg. utility company's, taxis, bus operators, survey vehicles, electricians, plumbers, contractors and wholesalers.



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