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On The Go? Now You Can Global Roam

With Bluesky Mobile
What is International Roaming?

International roaming means that you can use your Bluesky mobile phone overseas, in countries that Bluesky has a GSM roaming partnership with.

Where in the world can I Roam?

Bluesky currently has Roaming Partnerships with the following countries:


Who Can Roam?

International roaming is only available to Bluesky Postpaid customers who have this service activated.
Before You Head Off

If you wish to roam overseas, contact Bluesky on 123 to activate this service.
When I'm Overseas What Can I do?

You can…
Make and receive voice calls
Send and receive text messages
Access mobile data

Making And Receiving Calls

Roaming is a convenient system that allows you to use the same mobile phone number that you have in the Cook Islands, while roaming overseas. This means that friends and family can still call or text you, as if you were still at home. Special rates apply for receiving calls or text messages while overseas. See below for more info.
How Much Does Roaming Cost?

Mobile roaming and mobile data roaming can incur very high charges.

Click here to download a copy of our international mobile roaming rates.

Please note that all prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rates.
For more information or assistance with international roaming rates, FREE call 123.

Will My Mobile Work When I am Overseas?

Yes and No.
When you are roaming with your mobile phone it may not always work with the visited countries network. To assist us to determine if your phone will roam please call us on 123 and advise us of the following;

1. The country you will be travelling to
2. The type of phone you have

Things you need to know about Roaming
It is important to check that your mobile can roam when you head to your destination. Like most countries in the  Pacific Region, Bluesky uses the 900 MHz frequency band.
However some countries in Europe use the 1800 MHz band.  Most cell phones are dual band and can operate on both the 900 MHz band and the 1800 MHz band. The USA uses the 1900 MHz band, so if you are travelling to the USA and wish to roam you will need a Tri-band cell phone.

Normally your mobile will have 'Network Select' on Automatic, but sometimes the automatic feature does not work, or your mobile is unable to search for a network if you are in a low signal area. In these instances you will need to manually select the network you want to use.

Instructions vary from phone to phone, so please refer to the manual that came with your phone and follow the instructions for activating a particular service.


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