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Television - Pricing - Commercial
One-off charges  
Installation $150
Set Top Box $250
Modem $89
Additional technical $60 p/h
Lease line Ask for a quote
Additional cable/wiring Ask for a quote
Monthly service charges  
Set Top Box $12.50*
Hotel Rooms 1-6 $99
Hotel Rooms 7-20 $159
Hotel Rooms 21-99 $199
Hotel Rooms 100+ $349

*Set Top Box monthly rental includes modem if required. Commercial rates are based on a minimum purchase of 4 channels. A Set Top Box is required for each channel. Installation requirements of Moana TV service will be determined by the layout of the premises.

Get Connected

 1. You must have a Bluesky Landline;
 2. Meet our applicable credit criteria;
 3. Complete the application form and register at our office;
 4. Pay a connection fee of $150;

The typical installation components are made up of the following devices:
Set Top Box + 4port ADSL modem + Landline
Note:  Additional costs may apply if extra cabling is required due to the layout of the premises.


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