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Tips are all about helping customers by getting the best out of services.
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If you're not using your WiFi turn off your modem.
It will reduce the chance of accidental downloads and save power.

Open your pics up in an editor like Paint or Preview before you put them online.
If you resize them, it'll use less usage and it won't take as long to load!

Wanna show off pics of your mates you've seen online? Every time it loads, it chews up usage.
Reduce usage. Save or download them first, then show them off!

On the go with your phone, tablet, laptop or device? Need to get online?
Use your broadband account to access the internet at over 140 WiFi hotspots around the islands.

Do you email a lot? Attachments can contain viruses which can hurt your computer.
If you get an email and you don't know the person, virus scan it or better still delete the email right away.

Chatting via social apps or sites to someone else in your house?
2 devices = 2x usage  3 devices = 3x usage  and so on… If they are in the same house, talk.

To keep all your online accounts like email secure, change your passwords every 30 days.
It will minimize the risk of unwanted users accessing them.

Did you know closing your apps doesn't stop them using your data and WiFi.
Apps are designed to update all the time. Turn off "push service notifications", data and WiFi when you're not using it.

Keep track of your internet usage by getting emails alerts at 50%, 80% and 100% of your plan allowance.
Contact us to make sure your email address is up to date to get your alerts.

Have you changed your modem password?
For instructions, go to Personal > Internet > Manage My Account CHANGE YOURS TODAY!

Do you use WiFi at public hotspots?
Make sure you turn off sharing, or change it from home to public to avoid the risk of others seeing your files.

Want to check your WiFi balance?
Go to click "Manage Account" put in your Username and Password and you will see your WiFi balance info!


We're all falling in love with smartphone apps… But some might not be so cool.
Ratings mean something. Use the rule: If it's LOW It's probably NO GO!

Ever lost your contacts? Avoid that moment of sadness after losing all of those contacts
Make sure you back-up your contacts to as many places as possible, sim card, memory card, etc.

Mobile battery running low?
Every now and then it's good to turn off your phone and charge it. It helps to prolong your battery's life.

Want to know what your postpaid mobile plan usage is?
Free Txt "Usage" to 901 and you'll get an info txt back about your usage.

Have you ever wanted to change to a Postpaid mobile plan but really like your Prepaid mobile number?
Now you can move to a Postpaid mobile plan and keep the same number!

Wanna know how many text messages/sms you've sent?
Check your mobile settings for a counter or download a "sms counter". - Visit our website for a recommended apps for Smartphones

Do you have apps on your mobile phone that you don't use?
They can slow down your phone. If you don't use it, delete it.

Do you have a prepaid mobile? Have you checked out the extended menu?
Dial *101*# press send and check it out! You can get heaps of info about your phone.

Get the most out of your bonus txts on prepaid mobile.
Make sure you use them before they expire at the end of the month! - Spend $10 on txt (50 txts) to get your 450 bonus txt msgs.

Did you know in a minute of talking you can say an average of 400 words? Thats around 12 txts worth
A minute of calling is 38 cents. A txt cost 20 cents. You do the math.

Are you experiencing issues with your mobile receiving a signal, calls or txt?
If so, turn your mobile off and on again to refresh the connection.

Do you go into excess on your internet plan regularly?
Now you can change your plan anytime before the 20th of the current month to avoid excess charges - Special conditions apply. Call 123 for more info.


Do you use 1 hour Capped Calling but keep going over?
Check your clock before you start, or even better use a timer!

Family and Friends using your phone? Get a pin.
Call Safe from Bluesky can help you manage toll-calls being made from you phone.

Want to make national or international calls from your "local calls only" line?
Just buy Kia Orana calling credit and enjoy great capped calls.

Need another phone line for your business?
Come in or call 123 to speak with our Business Solutions Team.

Need to get to an important event? Don't have an alarm clock?
Wake-Up Call service lets you program your phone to ring at a specific time - Contact us on 123 or come in to get more info.


Do you have piles of paper lying around? Care about our environment?
Contact us to have your Bluesky bill sent to your email.

Do you love getting out on the water?
SAFETY FIRST. Make sure you come in to see us to get your HF & VF radio certificates and licences

Want to have a listing or advert in the Bluesky Directory?
Call 123 before the end of September each year to make sure you're in next  phone book

Did you know we have a website and a facebook page?
Go online and check us out at or

Did you know you can pay your bill via internet banking?
It's quick, easy and you don't even need to leave home! Contact your bank to help you set up to pay your Bluesky Telecom account bill through your internet banking.

Have a big bill you're struggling to pay?
You can contact our Credit Team to discuss a payment plan.

Want to stay connected?
Pay your bill before the 20th of each month to avoid suspension.

Are you planning on excavating some land?
To avoid damaging our cables, call us on 123 before you dig.

Do you transfer files between devices?
Use WiFi Direct or Bluetooth.

Urgently travelling to NZ and need to pay your Bluesky bill?
Don't worry, you can pay direct into our NZ bank account. - Go to > Support > Your Bill > How Can I Pay My Bill?

If you use your mobile while driving you're 23 times more likely to crash!
Be a safe driver. Pull over if you need to txt or call.

Does your family know the 999 emergency calling number?
Make sure no matter how old or young teach them when and how to call 999.

Leaving the islands and have a Bluesky account?
Contact us on 123 or come in and see us to discuss your account.

Running out of present ideas for Christmas?
Purchase Bluesky vouchers or be a secret santa and put it straight on your loved ones account!


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