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Incorrect Internet Usage Notifications due to Software upgrade
Bluesky Media Release
Thursday 15 December 2016
Bluesky has been undergoing recent network upgrades to its mobile and internet network. An urgent software upgrade to our core internet network equipment was scheduled for Sunday 11th of Dec at 01.30am. Due to the delay of offshore support, this was postponed to Monday 12th of Dec at 01.00am. Sunday afternoon before the scheduled upgrade, the software issue caused another network outage on equipment at both our Avarua and Aroa sites.
“This outage affected all our customers on Rarotonga which lasted ten minutes. Most customers’ services were restored immediately after the 10 minute outage with the exception of 20 customers who were without internet access for two days.” says a Bluesky spokesman.
A subsequent issue from the outage resulted in user traffic records being duplicated and a number of users received erroneous email alerts and double the reported internet usage. This was discovered as the team were resolving the issues. Customers were incorrectly receiving email alert notifications advising of 50%, 80%, 100% usage, and data add-ons were deactivated in the process. This has been resolved and internet traffic reprocessed correctly with customer usage credited back. All impacted customers’ usage has been corrected. Please note when checking usage online, the summary page is showing the corrected usage, however customers viewing the sessions report will notice a discrepancy and to disregard. If any customers feel that usage has not been corrected or have any queries, please call 123 for clarification.
Bluesky apologises for this incident and would like to thank our valued customers for their patience as this matter was being investigated and resolved.


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