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O3b second set of satellites launch!
O3b Networks and Telecom Cook Islands are pleased to announce that on 10th July 2014 another four satellites were successfully launched, and placed into their orbital positions, joining the existing four that were placed into orbit last year. The launch of the second set of 4 satellites was from the Ariane space site in Kourou, French Guiana and is another milestone for O3b Networks.

The satellites are now in their orbital position and will be tested over the next few weeks before joining the existing four in providing full services. O3b delivers high speed, low latency internet services. The Cook Islands was the first to trial the service in December 2013 and has since launched the service commercially to its customers.

Telecom Cook Islands Acting CEO Ngatama Aniterea said “The second set of O3b satellites was successfully launched yesterday and we can all look forward to these 4 new satellites entering service in the next few weeks! For us it will mean slightly lower latency, better performance during heavy rainfall and greater resilience.”

O3b CEO Steve Collar said “We are thrilled at the successful launch of our satellites. They will now go through a period of in-orbit testing before being fully integrated into our network as we continue to bring customers up across the world. The exciting O3b journey continues and we are already looking forward to our third launch early next year.”

The launch can be viewed on -

Telecom Cook Islands vision for the future of broadband is to continue to provide a fast, affordable service and O3b’s successful launch is helping us to achieve this.


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