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A new age of telecommunications takes off in the Cook Islands on Saturday 15th March 2014 with the official launch of High Speed Internet and 3G. Telecom Cook Islands celebrates the introduction of “ theNEWexperience” the fresh new direction of telecom services that will  bring faster cheaper services.

TheNEWexperience enables our high speed internet service powered by 03b to officially launch to the public opening up new opportunities for all our customers to use online services and internet for an array of new experiences.
“Online study, course learning and research becomes easier, our health sector can perform procedures assisted by specialists on live feeds, social networking opens up with faster uploads, downloads and chat options it really is a new experience”  says Telecom Cook Islands Sales and Marketing Manager Damien Beddoes. Telecom Cook Islands will be the first in the world to offer the high speed internet service powered by O3B.

Not only will ‘theNEWexperience’ provide faster cheaper internet we are proud to launch  3G. The 3G service will enable users to have high speed mobile internet on their 3G capable handsets bringing global technology into the hands, homes, businesses and communities of all our Rarotongan customers. This great new step in telecommunications supports future growth and economic potential for all key industries within the Cook Islands and sets the stage for new business development to grow.

The launch kicks off at 7.30am on Saturday 15th March with a island convoy of drummers and Telecom staff starting in Avarua township and will work its way around the island anti-clockwise handing out promotional giveaways. Telecom Cook Islands expect to finish up at the market at 10.30am with a presentation and an official statement from Telecom Cook Islands CEO Jules Maher alongside representatives from Huawei (3G provider) and 03B.


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